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Gaining From The main Markets Mover Going Forward

If you want to speak about how utterly insane our markets have changed into and how schizophrenic the trading action has mutated into, look no additional than the last two days of trading this very week. On Thursday (6/28/12), silver has been mauled by hedge fund selling tied to equally long liquidation and brand new clean quick selling. The result? Silver hit a 52 week low! One day later – it rockets to close 5% bigger in a single day.
This is the style of insanity that has been unleashed by Central Bank interference into the market place that’s the SOLE cause of this volatility. Hedge Funds Continue to Pummel Silver Until Today
Dan Norcini, http://traderdannorcini. blogspot. com, 6/29/12
And it is not just in the Silver markets that Central Bank (and their Mega-Bank Factota The Cartel [see Note 2] as we characterize it) Interference is the most important Mover. Years ago we, and some others earlier us, said that Mega-Bank Intervention changed into a major Mover in many Markets, including, periodically, the priceless Metals Markets. And so it stays today. Even the New York Times has just, decades late, concluded,
If these (LIBOR Ed. ) rates are rigged, markets are rigged against bank customers, like normal borrowers, and against parties on the other facet of a banks derivatives deals like pension funds. Rigged Rates, Rigged Markets, New York Times, 7/3/12
To facilitate this Market Rigging and to help its Mega-Bank clients, the Central banks are implementing a Policy of QE. Jim Sinclair (correctly) forecast that Q. E. to Infinity would be the rule of thumb Going Forward, all to help the Mega-Banks, their Central banks controllers and/or Owners. very important to note is what the Euro-leaders just did as June 2012 closed:
1. They promised the ECB would print cash and give it directly to the Eurozone Banks (e. g. through buying their poisonous Debt). And not, note well, to Eurozone citizens for investment or tax relief, or some thing else. 2. In another move to guard The Banks, it was agreed the new loans (from the ESM) would not be given seniority further retaining the Banks private creditors. Intrepid Finland has objected. 3. The ECB will soon take over the Supervision (read Control) of Banks in earlier Sovereign Nations. In sum, Sovereign Nations continue to cede sovereignty to the Globalist Mega-Bankers when the persevering with QE to Infinity. these QE Injections continue to rob their Citizens of the buying energy of their Fiat Currencies while the main Beneficiaries are The Banks. Attorney Ellen Brown sums it up well,
The ESM is now a permanent bailout fund for private banks, a sort of permanent “welfare for the rich”. there is no ceiling set on the obligations to be underwritten by the taxpayers, no room to negotiate, and no recourse in court. Its daunting provisions were summarized in a December 2011 youtube video originally posted in German, titled The shocking fact of the pending EU collapse!:
The treaty establishes a new intergovernmental firm to which we are required to transfer unlimited resources within seven days if it so requests, an organization that may sue us but is immune from all varieties of prosecution and whose managers take pleasure in the identical immunity. There are no self reliant reviewers and no existing laws apply. Governments can’t take action against it. Europe’s national budgets [are] in the hands of one single unelected intergovernmental organization. there is reason to suspect that tremendous Mario Monti could be representing interests other than those of his country. He rose to power in Italy final November in what critics known as a coup d’etat engineered by bankers and the European Union. He was not elected but stepped in after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned under duress. Monti isn’t very simply an worldwide marketing consultant to Goldman Sachs, among the world’s most effective financial firms but a frontrunner in the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission (see below).

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